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i'm curious about barghest, an weather or not he might be good. darksiders are supposed to be evil, but the only one in the game (besides dark lore and maybe the artifact) appears to encourage lore and prepare him for something (he says "he is not ready you know that" to binder.) is he possibly the darkside of baron? below there's a poll to weather you think he's good or not.
is barghest good or evil.
  • good
  • evil
  • mixed
  • i don't know
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also, here's some barghest quotes from the forest:
"you will understand when this is over this is for the best"
"that will not happen not now not yet"
"we can fix this"
"it is almost over everything will be alright"
ignore the lack of periods, darksider runes don't have periods.
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