This page contains spoilers about the Heartbound ARG. If you want to solve the puzzle yourself, avoid reading this article.
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This page contains the first two sets of Guardian Glyphs. The puzzle itself is in the source code of the web page. This starts a pattern seen for the rest of the ARG, where the <div>'s class tells us something about the rest of the puzzle, which is held in a comment inside it.

In the page's source you will see:

<div class="@Party | @....">
    <!-- GsvWzipmvhhVmxilzxsvh -->
<!-- No matter how bright their hearts seem. -->
<!-- Do not trust them. -->

@Party | @....

This is a hint as to what cipher to use. Another name for a "party" is a "bash" and the four dots suggest four letters. @Party means atbash.


This is a simple Atbash Cipher. If you don't know what a cipher is, it's a secret or disguised way of writing or simply a code.

Basically, when you encode something in this type of cipher, an "A" becomes a "Z", "B" turns into "Y" and so on...

So if you decode the "GsvWzipmvhhVmxilzxsvh" you'll get: "TheDarknessEncroaches". Now add the results to the address bar in your web browser, and the result will be Darksider page.

Guardian Glyphs Translation

The symbols in the web page are Guardian Glyphs.

This body is an illusion
This mind is a collective