This page contains spoilers about the Heartbound ARG. If you want to solve the puzzle yourself, avoid reading this article.
Thevirtue page arg

This page is completely black.

In the page's source you will see:

<div class="Have">
    <!-- 22NBK4456824048 -->
    <!--  6*;48†5(7 -->
<!-- Will you listen to me now? -->


This is three separate puzzles one for each word. The first is exactly what it says in the title: "Have".


These are Military Coordinates. If you punch them into Google Maps, you end up on "Patience", in French Guiana.


This is a classic cipher from the Edgar Allan Poe short story The Gold-Bug. You can decode it on Rumkin. The result (capitalized as normal) is "InTheDark".


Combine them to get "HavePatienceInTheDark" then add that to the address bar, the result will be the Don't Hit That Button page.