This page contains spoilers about the Heartbound ARG. If you want to solve the puzzle yourself, avoid reading this article.
Whyareyouhereusurper main arg

In the page's source you will see:

<!-- A child... in this prison? -->
<!-- Waking me from my slumber... -->
<div class="Why are you here, usurper...?" -->
    <!-- TheyDancin.png -->

Finding TheyDancin.png

You might instantly recognize what to do with this text or it might take you a while. The PNG (image) file you are searching for is not included in the game files but on the website itself.

Every picture on the site is stored at .

You can, therefore, find the picture here.

Decoding TheyDancin.png

Theydancin arg

They Dancin

The picture of these people in poses is actually a code in the Dancing Men language. Once translated, the code says "BinderSentMe".

And that's our answer, add "BinderSentMe" to the URL, and you'll get the What Is It You Want Then page.