Heartbound is comprised of 5 different acts, a summary of each act is listed below. Each Summary includes a description of the environment, the color palette and a list of characters in that act.

Act 1 - Homeworld

Homeworld is the first act of the game. This area takes place in Lore's House, the surrounding forest, The Spine, Trial Between Worlds and ending in Dark World. The color palette changes with each section of the area but remains on the darker side of the spectrum for most of the act.

The act contains Lore, Baron, Lore's Father, Barghest, Binder and The Artifact.

Act 2 - Animus

Animus is the second act of the game. This area takes place in a village of talking animals with the surrounding areas including a mushroom cave, desert and a pond. The color palette for this act consists of autumn colors.

The act consists of a wide variety of characters.

Act 3 - The Tower

The Tower is the third act of the game. It takes place in what seems like a workplace, the only difference being the colour palette for the whole act that consists of solely red, black, white and in very few items small amounts of gold.

The act also consists of a wide variety of characters.

Act 4 - Muspelheim / Niflheim

Together Muspelheim and Niflheim make up the fourth act of the game. The worlds appear to take place in the kingdom of their respective ruler and contain large sections of pipe work. Muspelheim's color palette uses mainly reds oranges and browns, while Niflheim's uses mainly blues, grays and white.

The act consists of Muus and Snifl and some penguins as of the moment.

The player only enters one of the two worlds not both, the world thats entered is based on the players actions.

Act 5 - ???

Act 5 is a mysterious act, currently nothing is know about it. Any information regarding location, color palette and characters is currently unavailable.