Breakroom103 map full

This room is accessible by entering the left portal following the second fight with the Barghest.


  • The door: Leads to a hallway. Can only be used when the puzzle is solved.

Interactive Objects

  • All of the desks
  • Almost all of the notes
  • Computer
  • Flower pots
  • Keypad (under a white note)
  • Pens
  • Sock
  • Water Cooler

The Puzzle

The player has to solve a puzzle in order to get out of this room. The goal of the puzzle is to find a 4 digit code which then can be entered through the keypad hidden under a white note on the desk at the bottom left of the room.

The player has to interact with the computer first. This'll give a few clues to the player. After that, the dialog of four notes around the room change. The player can find clues about each digit by reading the notes. The clues are as follow:

  • The Computer: "Four of us there are but none of us the same. Our favorite numbers block your path and muddle in your brain. If you find you can't compete and would rather rest today. You can always feed us seven ones and be right on your way."
  • First Note: "Our first wolfs down food so fast he says he ate instead of eating."
  • Second Note:"Our second is the mightiest they say he really gives a beating."
  • Third Note: "Our third is younger than the others he's barely come of age."
  • Forth Note:"Our fourth and final is a forty here where love has set the stage."

The Answers

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There are two answers to the puzzle:

  1. One answer can be found by using the clues from the notes which is 8913.
  2. The second answer is given by the computer at the end which is seven ones so 1111111.

Note that if you enter the computer answer before interacting with the computer, or if you enter the notes answer before interacting with all of the notes, the room will still become grayscale. However, you will be trapped in the room and all dialog in the room will change to the following:

"You thought you could outsmart us? You've made a foolish mistake. Enjoy the stay little one."

Interaction Map

Yellow: Interactive Objects
Green: Obtainable Objects
Blue: Exits