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G8r is introduced on Floor 1 of The Tower. He can be found in the Server Room where he gives you a task to retrieve a stick note from cubical 3A.


G8r shares a similarity to Joe Regular with having the same body structure. The unique features which separate him is his long thin snout which also feature buck like teeth at the front. In addition to his long protruding arms which hang in front of him. On top of his head is a small hat which is a shared characteristic of several other characters in The Tower. Finally his eyes always seem to be squinting while looking away in a sly manner.


G8r is a hard worker who is usually always busy. He can be mischievous at times to get his own way, such as when he hid Phish's ducks for him to 'shut up about them'[1]. G8r also is shown to not like others who gain praise for their work which is seen when he acts sarcastic to Lore with words like fantastic and extra special, where the text is also displayed as multi-coloured with G8r's emotion-less face staying the same. He then asks Lore to retrieve a singular sticky note although upon returning, is called ridicluous to then be sent off as too skilled, again with the multi colour text. From this G8r seems to be jealous with Lore in a way as all other jobs he has done, had gained him a sort of praise.

 Data Bank Description

G8r console image
Destination: G8r
Role: Defensive Security
Term: Lifetime

Description: A cynical worker created to defend The Tower from external influences. Has experienced increasing entropy due to proximity with Designation Phish. Future iterations will be put in isolation to improve productivity.

Manufacturing Requirements:

1 Faceless
1 Salty Lemon




  1. It took all morning to hide those ducks. Now he's never going to shut up about them. - In-game quote from G8r, after the player retrieves all the ducks for Phish