Heartbound's developer stated on his website how he enjoyed giving people ciphers and was in the midst of planting secrets in his game. Even before the game is released, there are already secrets to be uncovered...

ARG stands for "Alternate Reality Gaming," meaning that the story uncovered will use both real world and game world mechanics. This is not yet complete, seeing how the game is still in development.


These pages contain solutions to ARG puzzles so avoid reading them if you want to solve the puzzles yourself.

Phase 1

  1. Glowbringer
  2. Darksider
  3. Guardian
  4. The Virtue
  5. Don't Hit That Button
  6. Phase 1 Summary

Phase 2

  1. See Me Say Me
  2. Pact
  3. Why Are You Here Usurper
  4. What Is It You Want Then
  5. Who Will Benefit From This
  6. You Will Help Me First
  7. Do You Agree
  8. Sealed
  9. Phase 2 Summary

Phase 3

  1. Strings
  2. What Have You Done
  3. The Sound Of Silence
  4. Into The Abyss
  5. Phase 3 Summary

Phase 4 (incomplete)

  1. The Choice
  2. Broken Heart
  3. Missing Heart
  4. Burning Heart
  5. ARG:Frosty Heart
  6. Lucky
  7. Phase 4 summary