To-Do List

This is a list of important things to fix/create on the wiki.

Feel free to add new tasks, bold tasks that you think are important and move a task under Completed Tasks if you think it's been fulfilled. Administrators can remove a task if they think it has been completely finished and doesn't need further improvements or maintenance.


With the release of the full game, tons of new content is now available. We're trying to tack down that content as soon as possible.

  • Add all new content from game release update.
  • Map new areas.
  • Make new pages for previously unavailable content.



  • Add new characters from game release.


  • Add new items from game release.


  • Make a standard for location pages.
  • Figure out how to use ImageMap for interactive maps
  • Add an article for Animus
  • Complete Office maps


  • Formalize and simplify the language used in ARG articles


  • Invalidate wanted template reports or create them
  • Document already existent templates
  • Apply more in-depth categorization of templates
  • Create a template for marking bad images
  • Create a template for marking places that need citations
  • Create more navboxes
  • Create a template for template documentation so it's standardized properly



  • General Notice: All file names should now follow this naming format: objectName_objectType_additionalInfo e.g. lore_sprite_neutral

Completed Tasks

  • Add content to the Animus characters
  • Create navboxes for even easier navigation
  • Make a proper category tree by connecting all categories to Category:Browse
  • Get rid of unused files or use them
  • Invalidate wanted file reports or upload these files
  • Add appearance sections to Animus characters
  • Make a disambiguation page for the Animus containing all of the characters and links to their individual pages
  • Introduction paragraph of Pirate Software article sounds unprofessional for a wiki. Woodisch is also not mentioned on the page.