To-Do List

This is a list of important things to fix/create on the wiki.

Feel free to add new tasks, bold tasks that you think are important and move a task under Completed Tasks if you think it's been fulfilled. Administrators can remove a task if they think it has been completely finished and doesn't need further improvements or maintenance.



  • There are currently no items in this category.


  • There are currently no items in this category.


  • Make a standard for location pages.
  • Figure out how to use ImageMap for interactive maps
  • Add an article for Animus


  • Formalize and simplify the language used in ARG articles


  • Invalidate wanted template reports or create them
  • Document already existent templates
  • Apply more in-depth categorization of templates
  • Create a template for marking bad images
  • Create a template for marking places that need citations
  • Create more navboxes
  • Create a template for template documentation so it's standardized properly
  • Restore Module:Loops and Template:Glyphs but use images instead of fonts



  • General Notice: All file names should now follow this naming format: objectName_objectType_additionalInfo e.g. lore_sprite_neutral

Completed Tasks

  • Add content to the Animus characters
  • Create navboxes for even easier navigation
  • Make a proper category tree by connecting all categories to Category:Browse
  • Get rid of unused files or use them
  • Invalidate wanted file reports or upload these files
  • Add appearance sections to Animus characters
  • Make a disambiguation page for the Animus containing all of the characters and links to their individual pages
  • Introduction paragraph of Pirate Software article sounds unprofessional for a wiki. Woodisch is also not mentioned on the page.