This page is dedicated to outlining the rules and policies of Heartbound Wiki. It is recommended that all new users visit this page to ensure an understanding of the currently enforced rules.

Code of Conduct

Interperson Conduct

  • No personal attacks against anybody and absolutely no harassment of any kind. Be polite, and try to avoid excessive profanity.
  • Don't mislead users looking for advice or spread false information. If you don't know the answer to a question, tell them the same thing and work together to try to find somebody who does.
  • Linking to blatantly NSFW or inappropriate content will result in an instant ban. Linking to pornography, gore, excessively unseemly things, and graphic discussions are against the Code of Conduct. Slight innuendos and jokes are allowed.
  • Violations of personal privacy will result in a ban. This includes revealing information about others against their will, such as stating their real name, location, age, gender, sexual orientation, etc.
  • Operate under the assumption that everyone is 13.
  • Sockpuppeting (abusing multiple accounts) will result in an instant ban.


Do not:

  • Vandalize pages. Vandalism includes, but is not limited to:
    • False information.
    • Content deletion.
    • Gibberish
    • Sh*tposting, memeing, etc.
  • Create spam. This applies to both articles and Talk pages (commenting excessively on a page)
  • Add pages to categories that they do not belong to.
  • Add unnecessary trivia or any information that is not concretely backed by facts - avoid speculation. Facts should be properly cited with a clip of the evidence linked to at the end of the article.
  • Attempt to change the terminology used on the wiki.
  • Add unnecessary meme and fanart images to a gallery or create articles about them. If you want to add them to your user page or for a personal use, add a direct link to the image.
  • Create blank articles or articles that lack enough information.


All image files should be in the .png file format, unless it is animated, in which case, it should be in the .gif format. JPG images are only allowed when approved by an admin. All audio files should be in the .ogg file format unless otherwise approved by an admin.

In the description of all wiki files, please be sure to include the {{file}} tag according to the documentation available here.

All wiki files should follow these naming conventions, which are as follows:


So, for example, a file would be named lore_sprite_walking.gif or darkworld_map_full.png

The full objectType syntax is as follows:

objectType Description Example
art Art of a character or object, mainly concept art or art drawn by the PirateSoftware Team. lore_art.png
asset An asset used on the wiki (e.g. the wiki background). wikiheader_asset.png
clue A clue concerning the ARG. thisisthetruth_clue.png
dialog A specific screencap of a dialog box or other on-screen text. loredarksider_dialog.png
face An in-game chathead or "Talky" sprite. lore_face.png
im An interaction Map. lorehouse_im_full.png
item An in-game item (e.g. Axe, Stick, etc.). sweatshirt_item.png
map An area map. lorehouse_map_full.png
sound Audio files, usually in the form of .ogg files. binder'stheme_music.ogg
object An in-game inanimate object that may or may not be interactable (e.g. Ledger, Trashcan, etc.). binder'sapple_object.png
sprite An in-game sprite (e.g. Lore, Binder, Barghest etc.). lore_sprite.png
combat A combat-related image or gif. Barghest_combat_frame.png


objectType Suffixes Example
im _full if the IM is complete. _part if the IM is incomplete or partial. lorehouse_im_full.png
map _full if the map is complete. _part if the map is incomplete or partial. lorehouse_map_outside_full.png
arg _arg should be appended to every file that concerns the ARG. thisiswhatyouare_clue_arg.png

Contact Us

If you have a question about any of the above rules or if you want to report vandalism or similar things, please contact one of the admins (KockaAdmiralac, Steets, WaffleFaced).