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Ledger object

Ledgers are used to save your progress and are found throughout the game.

When found, they appear as a closed book.

After saving, you will have the ability to rest and return to Lore's Room.

Each Ledger has unique text.


Location Flavor Text Resting Text
Forest There's a ledger on this stump. Many names are written on its pages. The storm is getting worse. going back to bed seems like a good idea.
Binder's Library There's a ledger resting on a table. Many names are written on its pages. This place feels cozy and warm. Binder will understand if you take a nap.
Dark World (Maze) There's a ledger set on... Nightmares... Let's call it nightmares... Many names are written on its pages. The air is cold and clings to your skin. This place can't be real. Maybe if you wake up it will go away.