(This article refers to the room the player returns to after saving the game. You may be looking for the room physically present in Lore's House.)

The Save Room is nearly identical to Lore's Room (the first room in the game), but it is distinct in that it acts as a "one-way hub", as Lore will enter this room upon selecting Continue, dying, or resetting at a ledger. The door leads to the last used ledger.

As the game continues, objects will begin to fill the room.[1] These objects appear upon specific player actions. Interacting with the drawer will allow Lore to put on his Sweat Shirt if he is not already wearing it.


Lore's Room map numbered

1 - Socks

The various socks obtained through play will pile up in the corner of the room.

2 - Empty Dog Food Can

Appears if the player feeds Baron the Viking Feast Dog Food.

3 - The Axe

Appears if the player acquires the Axe.

4 - Plushie

Appears if the player has died before, or fails the first encounter with The Barghest.

5 - Binder's Apple

Appears if the player steals Binder's apple in The Spine.

6 - The Book

Appears after the player interacts with all of the booktowers in The Spine.

7 - Small Dog Figurine

Obtained in The Spine, to the right of Binder.

8 - Windup Gizmo

Appears if the player allows Windup Gizmo to follow them after finding it.


  • The Save Room is the only place where you can choose whether or not to wear the Sweat Shirt after interacting with the drawer.
  • Even though the lightswitch explodes at the beginning of the game, it is fully operational within the Save Room.