OScar is the artificial intelligence of The Tower. Able to move around to different computers and monitors throughout the building, OScar follows the player around as they progress through the story. Capable of switching from room to room and being in multiple places at once, OScar, for all intents and purposes, is the Tower[1]


OScar appears as a red face on a black background, capable of stretching and changing facial orientation to fit whatever screen they are present on. In rare occasions, OScar's face may become replaced by a desktop similar to others in The Tower, or to scrolling red code.


OScar's personality is similar to a quirky manager, who is capable of joking around with the player and interacting with them in a variety of ways. At the core of their personality, however, is the desire to accomplish a task, reflecting the programming side of the AI.




  • OScar's dialog, much like that of other characters, changes depending on player behavior in the Tower.