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Phish is a dad introduced in Floor 1 of The Tower. He can be found in the Server Room.


Phish is a black creature who seems to stand with a slight hunch compared to some of his coworkers. He wears a black hat floating above his head and a red tie that matches his gills, eyes, and tongue. He has a long torso, shorter legs, and arms that seem to reach past his knee. He seems to be pretty smiley, which makes him appear to have a toothy grin.


Phish has a fun personality. As a programmer at Tower Corp., he is obsessed with his ducks [1]. When Lore brings back a goose with the ducks, he gets Lore's joke and has a 'shack my head' attitude toward the joke. But he is appreciative of Lore when he brings his ducks and also is willing to lend a duck to his coworker G8r [2].

Data Bank Description

Phish console object
Destination: Phish
Role: Offensive Security
Term: Lifetime

Description: A worker created to attack systems and exploit assets. This subject was originally designed to harden The Tower from outside influences. This iteration has unfortunately failed and the subject is obsessed with ducks. Re-purpose materials during next cycle.

Manufacturing Requirements:

1 Faceless
1 Duck




  1. Programmers are said to have rubber ducks to talk to so they can talk through their problems and eventually coming on an idea.
  2. Hey G8r, I got my ducks. If you need one let me know. - In-game quote from Phish, after the player retrieves all the ducks for Phish and talks to G8r