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Pirate Software is an American indie game studio founded by Jason Thor Hall. The studio currently consists of four members.

Jason Thor Hall

  • He goes by "Thor".
  • His roles in Heartbound's development are Director, Programmer, Designer, and Writer.
  • He founded Pirate Software to follow his long-standing dream of building an indie gamedev studio.
  • His body is composed of 98% ramen noodles and silver Doritos.
  • His favorite letter is Q.[1]
  • His favorite mythical creatures are H.P. Lovecraft's "Deep Ones".
  • His birthday is July 17th, 1987, making him 31 at the time of writing.

Bradie Shaye Rehmel

  • He goes by "Shaye".
  • His role in Heartbound's development is Lead Artist.
  • He is Lord of the pixel and the leader of the bird legion.
  • He is our masterful Lead Artist and reigns supreme over all assets on our projects.
  • He has an obsession with frogs.[2]

Stijn van Wakeren

  • They go by "Stijn".
  • Their role in Heartbound's development is Composer and Sound Designer.
  • Legend has it they once ate an entire record and now can't stop making tunes.
  • Less is known about Stijn than Thor or Shaye, as Stijn does not appear on streams.


  • Woodisch's name is unknown (Woodisch is a username).
  • Their role in Pirate Software is Community Manager.
  • Very little is known about Woodisch in comparison with other members of Pirate Software.


  • The name "Pirate Software" is a joke name one of Thor's friends made that he ended up taking a liking to.