This room is accessible by entering the left portal following the second fight with the Barghest.

In the top left corner of the room there is a computer.


The computer says:

"The device whirrs to life with a happy jingle. Text rapidly displays on the screen."
"Four of us there are but none of us the same. Our favorite numbers block your path and muddle in your brain. If you find you can't compete and would rather rest today. You can always feed us seven ones and be right on your way.
"Something clicks and the machine powers down."

After talking to the computer, the dialog of four items around the room change.

"Our first wolfs down food so fast he says he ate instead of eating."
"Our second is the mightiest they say he really gives a beating."
"Our third is younger than the others he's barely come of age."
"Our fourth and final is a forty here where love has set the stage."

Starting at the desk drawer in the top left corner of the room going across the dialog for the top half of the room reads:

"It's full of... tax papers? Gross..."
"Some loose folders with scraps of paper strew about. A single sticky note is glued to the shelf..."
"The water cooler stands idly by waiting to hear untold stories of office life."
"Small multi-colored papers litter the board. The words seem to shift as you try to read them."

The Booktowers (relation to those in The Spine unknown) read:

"A tedious tower of financial books." or "Cousin booktower is doing a bunch of quick maths."
"A humdrum heap of financial books." or "Nephew booktower is a verified numbersmith."

The plants located in the lower half of the room read:

"The deep black bark of this thing seems to absorb all of the light around it"
"This thing looks pretty grabby. Definitely don't want to go near it."

The desk supplies and drawers in the bottom half of the room read:

"These aren't even pens, they're just drawn onto the table!"
"White letters on red paper... What kind of monster made this?"
"Notation on the financial implications of middle management."
"Books detailing the history of employees of the month. It's all the same guy until pretty recently."
"A single giant eraser sits in the drawer. The word 'pencil' is printed neatly on the side. Weird."
"The drawer is stuck and won't open."


"It's covered in silly doodles of... lizard people? Say hello to the floor lizard paper! A small keypad is stuck to the desk."

After uncovering the keypad the player can enter any combination of numbers. After 3 failed attempts the door will automatically open. Both the 'computer answer' of 1111111 and the 'puzzle answer' of 8913 will cause the room to become grayscale and open the door. Which answer was entered will be "remembered" later on.

If you enter either answer to the keypad before interacting with the computer, or if you enter the 'puzzle answer' before interacting with all of the clues, the room will still become grayscale. However, you will be trapped in the room and all dialogue in the room will change to the following:

"You thought you could outstart us? You've made a foolish mistake. Enjoy the stay little one."